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The Second Hidden Creative Economy (HiCrEc) Awards

Sunday 23rd October 2011, The Tabernacle, Powis Square, Notting Hill, W11


The term Hidden Creative Economy (HCE) was created by our organisation in 2003. This was in recognition of the contribution the underground creative scene which has always trail blazed performers, artforms and cultural movements from the underground into the mainstream.

We can trace current mainstream phenomena to the HCE that has been in place in this country for the past 40 or more years. As pioneers of that scene now become grandparents, or in many cases, begin to pass on, we felt that the time is now right for the achievements of the HCE to be fairly recognised.

As an organisation, we are a part of the SABA Charity Network. Their record includes:

  • 10 years running UK UNSIGNED, the UK’s biggest non-televised talent production
  • 20 years event management in community events around the country
  • 30 years accredited creative industry training, mentoring and new business start up support.

Amongst the reasons for these awards are the following points:

  • Today we can celebrate that on seeing MCs like Tiny Tempah, Tynchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal and N-Dubz, topping the UK charts, but what about pioneers like Eastwood & Saint, Tipper Ire and Macabee
  • Each Sunday the charts are presented by household DJ names such as Reggie Yates, what about the community radio DJs such as Ranking Miss P & DJ Lepke from DBC who pioneered pirate radio broadcasting of music that would never make mainstream airplay
  • We can always hear urban music legally playing 24/7 across the dial, but who met this need when there was only 8 hours each week of legal targeting programming
  • What about the sound system network that brought us the new releases from the Jamaica and America that could only be heard in blues dances and raves
  • How did home grown talent survive when they could not get a record deal from the majors for love nor money, despite successes within specialist charts

Now with a fourth generation emerging, it is clear that this history will never be recognised by anyone else, so we have felt that we have a responsibility to make sure this legacy is never forgotten.

On Sunday 23rd October at the Tabernacle, we are giving local communities the opportunity to remember and acknowledge those who cleared the way for others to follow. The Hidden Creative Economy Awards will ensure this legacy remains in tact for others to appreciate, learn from and develop.

Throughout September, we will be inviting the public to create their own nominees under the following categories:

  • Music performance, management & production
  • Sound systems
  • Radio stations
  • Theatre / Film
  • Comedy
  • Community work within the creative sector
  • Creative enterprise/business
  • Art & Design
  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting (presenting/programme hosting)

Awards Selected by the Committee

  • The HCE Committee will set aside a Lifetime Achievement Award
  • In Recognition of the Struggle Award

Nominations will open from September 1st and votes can be cast by the public for FREE on this website from September 30th. To vote just go to www.hicrec.org.uk , then go to the voting button on the homepage toolbar, then just click on the nominee you wish to vote for.

The awards evening will be both educational and entertaining. Throughout the proceedings, in as many categories as possible, we hope to be able to show the reasons why the awardees were selected. The highlight will be the music provided by the Ruff Cutt band, the UK’s primary reggae backing band, celebrating 30 years in the business. There will be a number of very special guests who will be joining them on stage during the show including:

Michael Gordon, Sandra Cross, Sylvia Tella, Don E, Don Campbell, Peter Hunnigale & Vivian Jones and many more

The hosts will be Jax from Colourful Radio and Rick Clarke (2010 HiCrEc Street Soul icon), and the show will be recorded for future broadcast on the Youth Digital Network www.youthdigitalnetwork.com. Tickets, at £15 each, are available online from www.whatnext.org.ukor by credit/debit cards on 0208 776 6776.

There will be a special compilation HiCrEc Album that will be available to all ticket holders. The album is produced by Ronald Ferguson of UKU Records and will feature a selection of hits that represents the era we shall be celebrating.

Hidden Creative Economy Awards Contact Details

This event is being organised by Creative Inclusion who are a part of the SABA Charity Network. SABA is a UK Registered Charity (reg number is 1079821) For more details visit www.ukunsigned.tv / www.youthdigitalnetwork.com or call the SABA office on 0208 776 6776 or the Creative Inclusion office on 0208 908 9563