HiCrEc Business Start Up Overiew & Assessment:

Assessment of learners’ skills levels & overview of starting a HiCrEc mircro-business

A HiCrEc Micro-Business needs the minimum of:

  • Phone
  • Bank Account
  • Internet presence


HiCrEc Business Planning

Constructing a comprehensive business plan for a sustainable micro-business

HiCrEc Business Infastructure

Setting up the correct infrastructure to suit business idea & plans

HiCrEc Cashflow

Strategies to optimize revenue streams within micro-businesses

HiCrEc IT Business Tools

Understanding appropriate & affordable IT hardware & software for business

HiCrEc Social Network Presence

Producing & presenting Digital TV & Radio broadcasts

HiCrEc Branding

Using social networks to enhance brands within a PR strategy

HiCrEc Performance Development

Design skills for websites and promotional artwork

HiCrEc Communicating & Presenting

Developing communication and presenting skills for performance & business growth

HiCrEc Networking  & 1-2-1 Mentoring

Developing networking strategies to enhance business growth. Mentoring support to put these strategies in place.

On going support for each learner to enhance their new business